Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ants By Max and Harriet

Have you ever been digging in your garden and found some gigantic ants eggs? Well we did and it wasANT funny. We were just digging out the weeds and we came across a huge ant nest! It had huge eggs!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

McCain Vege Experience By Leon

Today I went to B1 to learn stuff about vegetable and fruit. I learnt that potatoes and tomatoes have the same leaves and if you chop the purple berries from the potato plant you can see that it looks like a tomato. I got to take a picture with the teacher next to the McCain car, it was awsome and I got a badge.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

That was a close one! By Antony and Jayda

Our butterfly, Vegemite, that hatched awhile ago has tried to escape!!! Miss Slater told Mr. Mike to let it free but it didn't go as planned. 

When Mr Mike tried to set it free it was the total opposite, it tried to escape by itself! It flew out of the window and smack, right on the soccer field. Fortunately, Mr. Mike, Rohan, Cameron, Olivia C., and Jayda rescued him. 

Sadly, we had to say goodbye.Vegemite was naughty, don't you think?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Plant Dissections

Over the past two weeks we have been thinking and learning about plants and our class garden. 
We have decide to plant a vegetable and herb garden. We had a vote and decided on: silver beet, parsley, carrots and broccoli. We will be planting these tasty vegetables and herbs next week.

Yesterday we learned about an acrostic poem called MRS GREN. We discovered that MRS GREN stood for everything that a living things needs in order to survive (including plants). We also talked about and labelled the parts of a plant and today we learned what those parts did e.g. did you know that petals are for attracting insects and bees to the plant? In the afternoon we acted like 'scientists' because we dissected some plants that we had brought in from home. We separated each part of the plant into the following sections: petal, stem, leaf, ovary, anther, roots, and sepal. We then used the microscopes to view each part of the plant up close.
Check out our 'Inquiry' blog to see our photos from the microscopes!